ug610登陆( biggest business messaging misconceptions debunked



DID you know that 91% of Malaysians use WhatsApp regularly as a channel of communication?

Yet, WhatsApp is still new enough for some businesses to remain unsure of how to integrate it in their marketing strategy stacks.

So, what’s holding businesses back from taking advantage of this valuable marketing tool?

Let’s debunk four biggest misconceptions about business messaging to get businesses back on track with their marketing campaigns.

Myth #1: Business messaging is only used for customer service

Business messaging serves so many more purposes and functions than just customer service.

Take a consumer’s journey on business messaging as an example:

> Lead generation: When a consumer engages a business, it can provide details on their products or services such as in-stock availability, delivery information and current promotions available.

> Sales process: The business engages consumers with exclusive experiences, content and offers like catalogue link, product or services consultations and assistance, purchase information and payment options.

> Post-sales: After order completion, the business takes the opportunity to continue the conversation with offers for future purchase or vice versa for consumers to request for further assistance on their purchase such as order status, feedback and complaints.

Myth #2: Business Messaging is complicated to set up

Getting started is simple as long as you know your business needs.

The WhatsApp Business platform is available for free, with features including messaging templates, automated greeting messages, away messages setting and quick replies.

Upcoming advanced features, which will be available soon with a fee, include chat management up to 10 devices and creating customisable WhatsApp click-to-chat links

Larger brands can explore WhatsApp Business’ API to build custom solutions to offer quick and personal sales and post-sales support, loyalty programmes or share information like delivery updates.

With WhatsApp’s Cloud API, businesses can use Meta's secure hosting infrastructure for free rather than maintain costly servers.

Contact a Meta-certified partner today to find out more if you are interested.

Myth #3: Business messaging is only for SMBs

All businesses can harness the benefits of business messaging, no matter the size or industry of your business.

Conversations create relationships and people want to connect with a business the same way they chat with their friends and family.

The fact that 91% of Malaysians are on WhatsApp as a channel and 63% of consumers use WhatsApp to connect with mid to large sized businesses, based on data from the Meta-commissioned Kantar study, are valid reasons for businesses to start building relationships and presence on the platform.